How far would you go?
the future isn't any more dangerous than the past...
What if you could change the past?


A False History

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Future's Orphans

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AK Alliss grew up in a remote mining town in Western Australia. During this time, he developed a love of reading and writing which has continued into adulthood. He is currently completing his BSc. in Human Behavioural Studies (Psychology) at Swinburne University. Adam’s interest in social behaviour is evident in his writing which deals largely with the interaction between humans and technology and its impact on society.

Frame is his first published novel (Atlas Productions Books).

In addition to Frame, he has written the semi-autobiographical memoir A False History (available through Amazon), the psychological mystery, Also Known As and the second book (following Frame) in the Ouroboros Cycle, Future’s Orphans.

He is currently working on a new novel set in the universe of the Ouroboros Cycle, Gravity’s Truth.